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Sleepwalking Showtunes

Sleepwalking Showtunes is the latest Fog People release. Described as "If Debbie Harry and Annie Lennox did ecstasy together, they would have a great time. And nine months later they would give birth to Fog People.”

City of Night

Seattle’s Fog People make good on their promise of a sometimes humorous, always throbbing and often enlightening look into Seattle’s current underground flow. In the course of sifting through new Seattle music, the Fog People came poking through, there were some names of note and some interesting moments.

The first song catches your attention with some Milesesque trumpet work from the Ticklejunk Horns, and then the rhythm section on Exxx takes over and the vocalists come in for a couple of eargasms. There is a pulse of NIN riding through with songs tailored for video production, and there is a feeling of the avant garde at work as well. With music that is clearly influenced by the Manchester post-punk as well as Memphis old skool, this is well worth a listen, and a spin when you want to slip on your “sailing shoes” and fly into bed with one or more loved ones.


Working on our next single/video right now. "Millermania", due soon!